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blog #1 8/21

Hi! I’m Karen Lam, and I’m from Snellville, GA where I went to Brookwood High School. I’m currently majoring in finance, though I am thinking about a minor in who knows what. I am first generation kin to immigrant parents so I’m super excited for this opportunity to be at UGA!

As for tetrads, here is my take on Youtube–

1. Enhancement: It extends media coverage and provides a platform for creators and entrepreneurs looking to share personal, creative content.

2. Retrieval: It provides visual, musical, humorous, educational entertainment. Audiences can interact with YouTubers and express their opinions on the content. People can also create jobs for themselves through posting content and gaining subscribers.

3. Obsolesces: Competes with TV news coverage and those without social media connections such as YouTube trying to get sponsored by big name brands.

4. Reversal: cyberbullying, nosiness, copyright problems