Blog Post #12 11/27: Media in Professions

I chose to focus on the strong relationship and correlation that exists between media and marketing. Marketing, under Terry College of Business, is my chosen degree and I will most likely also get a job related  to this field once I have graduated. As today’s world continues to advance in technology, the field of marketing will advance along with the changes that occur in the process of technological advancement.

In one of the articles I looked at, it is very evident that the world of marketing has completely changed, is still changing, and will continue to change in the future and beyond. Named simply, “How Technology is Changing Marketing,” it comments on the fact that new opportunities and markets for sellers will arise with a shift towards higher media usage.

In their words: “The challenge for brands is to connect with customers through all these devices in real time and create campaigns that work across social media, display advertising and e-commerce.” Therefore, now is the perfect time to truly realize the significance of a every aspect of an ad or an image, while keeping new complexities in mind. Very logical and intuitive, I agree wholeheartedly that sometimes media is one of the only ways to capture the attention of potential buyers across the country.

As I continue studying this subject, and when I eventually get a job that utilizes the skills I will have learned in the process of getting a degree, media will continue to play an ever-present and important role in both my life and my career.

Link to “How Technology is Changing Marketing”:

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