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Blog Post #1 8/21: First Blog Post and Tetrads

Hi there! My name is Emily Olson. I am originally from Colorado, but my family just moved to Alpharetta, GA. Since I lived in CO for 16 years, it’s definitely been different here so far, but I’m really liking it. I am very excited to live in the South and experience new things unique not only to the region, but to Georgia itself. I’m currently majoring in Marketing, however, I’m also interested in studying Advertising, Public Relations, or Media Studies. As you can see, I have quite a few interests, so I’m hoping this FYOS will help me learn a little bit more about that last one at least.

Tetrad: Online Newspapers

Enhances: Online newspapers help increase awareness of certain issues and provide access to news at a speed like never before, while encouraging an informed lifestyle for readers as all newsworthy events are reported on and different viewpoints on politics, entertainment, culture, and other areas of interest are published and presented.

Retrieves: Online newspapers allow for a quick passage of information and news globally, in a more accessible way. They revive a connectivity with other parts of the world on a much larger scale, while public knowledge and awareness is improved as younger generations make use of this modern method of information sharing.

Reverses Into: Inaccuracy occurs when online news stories are published too quickly online. In order to keep up with the constant occurrence of events, locally, nationally, and worldwide, many online newspapers report on and post about news material with little turn around time. As a result, not enough information is always included to create completely unbiased, well-researched articles.

Obsolesces: The physical paper newspapers of the past have becomes less popular. Many people forgo the “daily paper” altogether, relying on online newspapers and mobile news apps to fulfill this aspect of information sharing in a different, but more modern way.