blog #1 8/21

Hi! I’m Karen Lam, and I’m from Snellville, GA where I went to Brookwood High School. I’m currently majoring in finance, though I am thinking about a minor in who knows what. I am first generation kin to immigrant parents so I’m super excited for this opportunity to be at UGA!

As for tetrads, here is my take on Youtube–

1. Enhancement: It extends media coverage and provides a platform for creators and entrepreneurs looking to share personal, creative content.

2. Retrieval: It provides visual, musical, humorous, educational entertainment. Audiences can interact with YouTubers and express their opinions on the content. People can also create jobs for themselves through posting content and gaining subscribers.

3. Obsolesces: Competes with TV news coverage and those without social media connections such as YouTube trying to get sponsored by big name brands.

4. Reversal: cyberbullying, nosiness, copyright problems

First Blog Assignment

Hi! My name is Natalie Minor. I come a SUPER small town about three hours south of Athens called Americus.  I came to UGA  majoring in Biological Sciences, but I’m pretty sure I’m going to change to major in Landscape Architecture with a minor in Interior Design. Total opposites, I know. I don’t really have anything super interesting about me. I’m the middle of five kids (2 older sisters and 2 younger brothers), I love music and movies and books, and I am, unfortunately, a social media-holic.

I’m still unsure about the whole concept of tetrads but I’m going to give it a shot anyway!


  1. Enhancement: Makes it easier for family and friends to stay in touch and see what each other is doing.
  2. Retrieval: Visual and communicative contact through the use of posted pictures and direct messaging or comments.
  3. Obsolesces: Printed photo albums or picture printing kiosks; Periodical check-ins to see what loved ones are up to.
  4. Reversal: Cyber bullying; Insecurities; Addiction (<–aka ME)


Introduction & Media Tetrad-First Blog Assignment (due August 21st at 9:00pm)

Hello everyone! My name is Chandler Biles. I am a first year student here at the University of Georgia. I’m from Jackson, Georgia which is half way between Macon, Georgia and Atlanta, Georgia. I plan on becoming a nurse at some point in my life, but my major at this moment is Human Development and Family Sciences with an emphasis on Child Life. A random interesting fact about me is that I had a tumor in my knee a few years ago and got it removed, don’t worry it was benign. Another interesting fact, just for fun, would be that I graduated with a class of 61 students.


  1. Enhances: Allows quick easy access to movies and television shows for all types of viewers.
  2. Reverse Into: If Netflix is taken to the extreme, it can be used as someone’s distraction, obsession and possibly make them become socially inactive.
  3. Retrieves: When using Netflix, you can access old movies and television shows that everyone used to love to watch.
  4. Obsolesces: Using Netflix, eliminates people using other instruments for movies and television shows such as, DVD players, and VHS tapes that people used to use to access movies and television shows.


First Blog Posting (a few tips & clarifications)

I’m already enjoying reading your posts!

A few tips, etc.:

  • Please post your blog entry by clicking “+ New” in the menu up there (not by posting a comment to an existing blog post).
  • On this first round, you might need fewer than “250-350 words” to introduce yourself and suggest a medium for us to analyze as a “tetrad.”
  • I think there’s no need to offer comments on your classmates’ postings this time, unless something especially makes you want to jump in!