Not So Against Media

chartgo Well, I suppose I’m not that against media. I’m really just busy. After doing a third day and comparing all three days, I realized that I don’t hate media or I’m an old lady, I’m just really busy. Almost too busy to use media. The red line on the graph (since the key disappeared) is Friday. My media usage isn’t too shabby. I’m using it for a little bit. I also tend to wind down at night by scrolling through Twitter. The green line represents Saturday when I didn’t do anything except go out with friends that evening. Once I woke up, since I wasn’t busy, I was able to be on media. The very sad blue line represents Tuesday, a day when I have class and work. Even when I get off work, I’m so busy that I don’t even have time to properly wind down with social media. Honestly, social media just does not fit into my very busy schedule. I seem to always be doing something related to school that I don’t have the time for anything else to distract me.

With that being said, when I do allow myself to not doing anything and focus on social media, I am able to thoroughly enjoy reading what everyone else in the world is saying about everything (particularly the current events in politics). These comments that I see make me feel more human and not so busy and demanding. It reminds me that it’s alright and that I’m going to be alright.